Bright Vintage Inspired Quilt

How's this for a bright quilt?!  I made this one with Quilt As You Go method.  It's a great way to use up small pieces of batting, as these blocks were cut to 6 1/2".  Also a relaxing way to use up scraps.  You hardly need to press anything, I just give a quick once over to each block when they're done.

To finish the quilt, I just quilted in the ditch.  It ended up around 40" square.  I can see it looking so cute in a baby's vintage inspired nursery, with white paneled walls... it would definitely be that POP of color!

I used my precious piece of Strawberry fabric from Heather Ross.  It feels good to be slowly emptying my shelves, whispering to myself that there will always be more pretty fabric!

Simply Retro Quilt #5 - Sweet Life

I finished up this fifth quilt from my #quiltthebook challenge.  Actually I finished it a few months ago and failed to blog about it.  Here it is now though, cute as could be in Tiger Lily fabric by Heather Ross.  I downsized the blocks quite a bit on this one.  I must say I love these tinier versions quite a lot.  They still did not feel at all too small or fiddly.

I promised I'd write down my measurements for cutting these smaller blocks, so here they are.

Tiger Lily center block - 6 1/2 x 6 1/2

Tiger Lily outside pieces - cut 4 - 2 x 2
                                            cut 4 - 2 x 4

White background fabric - cut 4 - 2 x 2
                                            cut 4 - 2 x 4

You can use the instructions from the book and just substitute these sizes.  I cut my sashing at 1 1/2 wide.

The finished quilt ended up at 38" x 38".  I quilted in the ditch on this one.  Sometimes I just like how that looks as opposed to decorative quilting.

As far as my challenge to quilt through the Simply Retro book,  I'm back on track!  I have an idea for my least favorite pattern on how to change it up a bit, and maybe make it my new favorite... So hopefully I can start on that next week.

Blue Strip Quilt

This quilt top was made way back when I went through my entire blue and green scraps and cut them into strips.  I love this type of quilt the best.  It's amazing how you can have every shade of blue and green, (with some neutrals thrown in) and they all blend together.  This quilt is made from the lighter shades.  I divided the scraps into lights and darks, because it keeps the quilt from looking too busy when you control the values a bit.

It finished up at 46"x60" which is a great size for a toddler, or a small lap quilt!  It is backed in voile, which makes it silky soft.  Batting is Soft and Bright needled poly by Warm Batting company.  You'd never guess it was a poly batting, although it is slightly puffier than a thin cotton batting.  I loved working with it, and it finished up so soft and squishy.

My Summer Sewing in a Nutshell

While I have no big shiny finished quilts to show you, I have found a few moments to sneak into my sewing room over the summer.  Here's a couple things I've been working on.

First of all my favorite, these foundation pieced strip blocks made from all my vintage-y scraps.  I cut Warm and White batting into 6" squares and then started by using a red strip in the middle.  After that, I used a very loose color palette of pinks, yellows, oranges, and a little bit of green and aqua.  And then a tiny bit of black...  yes, this is how I work:)  I find these type of quilt as you go blocks the most relaxing and fun to make.  Partly because there's not a marathon of cutting, but rather just dump out the scraps and start digging through, adding each strip as you go.  Only downside is it makes a big mess on my sewing table...

THEN, I've got my blue baskets.  Have I talked about them here?  Actually don't think I have, and I've been planning and thinking on this quilt for a long time.  I really have a thing for basket quilts.  Maybe because they haven't really entered the modern quilting arena yet and are largely unexplored in a fresh updated way.  I've had this fun idea for a challenge of trying to make a basket quilt that would be so modern it could be entered at Quiltcon. (but still be recognizably a basket quilt)  And label it, "Basket Quilt Sneaks into Quiltcon"  or something equally silly.  But no, this is not likely to happen.

What I'm doing here though, is fairly traditional.  It's going to be a queen sized quilt with a variety of cream and white backgrounds, and all the baskets will be navy and royal blues.  The thing that I think will make this quilt a winner is the way I've figured out of setting the blocks.  So many basket quilts I don't quite like for how the baskets are placed.  I like them to be staggered, with breathing room, etc.  I've got all the blocks cut, and about 1/4 sewed, and I'm planning this one for my new guest bedroom.  Won't it be classic and pretty?  I wish it was done already!  Secretly I hate sewing all these tiny half square triangles.  Actually, does anyone like them?  They're so cute and pretty but such a pain.

And lastly, a finished quilt top!  I should be so happy about this, and have it quilted already.  But one small problem.  I really dislike the colors!

How did this happen?  It's called the magic spell that AMH has over me, which makes me assume that I will naturally love every fabric collection she produces.  I bought a fat eighth bundle of Mod Corsage, and then proceeded to ignore all warning bells as it sat on my cupboard in all it's cool purpley toned glory.  I chose to use this pattern by Thimbleblossoms, so all is not lost as I found that I loved this pattern's way of constructing a traditional spiderweb block and will definitely make another quilt with this pattern in the future.

Anyway, as I put the spiderweb blocks together, I started to realized that the colors in this quilt were so. not. me.  But I forged ahead and the only fabrics that seemed to work as the background pieces were a medium gray, and a navy.  Now, I do not say this is an ugly quilt, for surely somebody likes these colors?  It's just not for me.  And I can't decide if I want to waste my few and precious sewing hours on finishing it up.  And yet it's still too nice to send as is to the thrift shop.  So I guess I'll have to finish it.  And maybe once it's done it will be my favorite quilt ever!

So that is the end of my sewing update.  I hope there will soon be many finished quilts to show you, as I have definitely not lost my sewing mojo, but only the time required for this frivolous pastime:)